AKAMAI Structural Inspector LLC is one of the most trusted Real Estate Home Inspectors in the Las Vegas Valley. Akamai (Hawaiian for intelligent, knowledgeable, smart), is a highly-skilled inspection company that understands the dynamics of one of the most daunting, life-changing events you can make. If you are a first time home buyer, a commercial investor, or a seasoned homeowner, we will be there to enlighten you on your investment condition and shape. Your Inspector will spend hours not minutes on your inspection and then thoroughly go over the findings so you can be completely comfortable in your decision. Akamai Structural Inspector works for you, and we have no hidden agenda other than to give you a snapshot of what you are investing in.

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Why Akamai Structural Inspector?

We work hard to provide you with one of the best inspections in the industry. We incorporate state of the art tools, free re-inspections (up to two) verifying that the seller adequately addressed defect concerns. If you are investing in new construction, existing housing, or commercial property, we are here for you. Having a lifetime of knowledge and experience in the construction industry, we are confident that we will gain your trust and respect by working to and above industry standards.

Mission Statement to Our Clients

Our goal is to run a profitable business by planning and hiring only well-qualified personnel. We will always provide top quality service to the public and a total commitment to our clients’ goals when performing our services. Our commitment is to be honest, and forthcoming in advising clients about the inspection of their property. The only way they can achieve their goals and ours is by being honest and truthful with them. As a company, we will maintain an Aloha attitude and always strive to meet our clients’ goals.

We realize our commitment, and the way we run our business is far advanced from that of our competition. Akamai Structural Inspector LLC is willing to go above and beyond things that the other companies will not do to help our clients reach their goals, and we strive to do it with Aloha.

Akamai Structural Inspector LLC always strives for excellence in our services and career through commitment, education, product knowledge, and our willingness to share with others, so we can better serve our clients’ needs. Indeed we believe our services are superior in this business, and we are committed to proving that day after day so every one of our clients can, and will, repeat that to their friends and relatives. We share this mission statement with you because we have a strong commitment and belief in our chosen occupation.

Modern Technology

Our keen observation combined with modern diagnostic tools enables us to find defects with ease.

Extensive Services

We offer a wide range of property inspection services — all areas and concerns covered.

Easy-To-Read Reports

We keep complicated terms out of your inspection report. One look, and you will know what’s wrong and how it can be fixed.

When you work with us, expect nothing less than excellence. We also make an effort to keep the information confidential to you.

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