Residential Inspections & First-Time Home Buyer Inspections From a Preferred Las Vegas, NV Home Inspector

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New Building Inspections

Roofing inspection is accomplished by physically inspecting the roof or the utilization of a drone. Your inspector is visually looking for:

  • Cracked, broken, misaligned or worn roof coverings.
  • Soft spots on the roof.
  • Worn or missing mineral flashing.
  • Possible signs of water intrusion.

Structure inspection, your inspector is visually looking for:

  • Twists, scabs and broken trusses.
  • Non typical cracks in structure.
  • non typical crack or movement in flooring, walls and ceiling.

Electrical inspection encompasses:

  • inspection of every accessible electrical outlet.
  • faulty or non operating circuits.
  • open grounds.
  • non functioning GFCI and AFCI outlets.
  • proper bonding and grounding.

Plumbing inspection, your inspector is visually looking for:

  • function of water heater.
  • proper orientation of Temperature Pressure Release valve.</li
  • correct orientation of faucets.
  • leaks.
  • insulation of live water lines.
  • overall condition.

Heating and cooling inspection encompasses:

  • operation of heater.
  • operation of A/C unit.
  • proper insulation on refrigerant lines.
  • condensation lines.
  • operation of control panel.

Residential Inspection

The key components that we inspect:

  • the heating system,
  • air conditioning system,
  • ductwork,
  • venting, fireplaces / chimneys,
  • plumbing system,
  • bathrooms, hot water heater,
  • electric,
  • built in-appliances.
  • the foundation,
  • floors,
  • walls,
  • Low-E window orientation
  • columns / piers,
  • ceilings,
  • roof structure
  • attic.
  • Infrared thermo imaging with emphasis on ceiling, walls bathrooms and under sinks.
  • We also check for signs of abnormal or harmful water penetration into the building as well as signs of abnormal or harmful condensation on building component.

Regardless of location, be it in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin Boulder City or Pahrump you can rest assured that you are getting one of the most comprehensive whole-home inspections.